Of Vegetable Knives and Sleepers

sleeper, footed pajamas, toddler pajamas, baby pajamas, blue sleeperOur meat [vegetable] knife broke right before Shabbat a few weeks ago.  We borrowed from the neighbors, and then returned it.  Then, last week, Yitzchak went to find another knife.  He went to the store I suggested (but not the branch I meant) and bought two knives that he thought I would like.  Well, I didn’t like them.  First of all, they were in bright neon colors.  Second of all, they were too big.  And third, they didn’t fit well in my hands.  So on Sunday, I took them back.

I went to the store, showed the cashier the knives and receipt, and told her that I was returning them because I didn’t like them.  (I felt stupid saying that, but it wasn’t me who bought them, and I didn’t want to make my husband look stupid.)  She took the knives and told me to take something for 20 shekels.  After looking around a bit, I decided to get Shlomo a new pair of pajamas – he has three pairs, they’re all getting small, and they’re not exactly made for winter.  So, I picked up a warmish sleeper in size 18-24 months.  It looked huge, but I figured that it was probably the right size.  And if not, he’d grow into it.  And it cost exactly 20 shekels.  So I took it up to the cashier, showed the receipt, and successfully made the exchange – but the receipt stayed with her.

Then we brought the sleeper home.  I wanted to measure it against Shlomo, but he wouldn’t let me.  And then, in the middle of the night, Shlomo’s diaper (the bigger size) leaked.  And Yitzchak put him in his new pajamas, because there weren’t any others clean.  Guess what?  The new sleeper is too small.  The feet are too small, and the legs are too short – when he stretches his legs, the snaps pop open.  Since it’s been worn, the tags are off, and I no longer have a receipt, we’re stuck with it.  And since we’re a bit tight this month, that’s not too good.

Oh, well.  I guess we’ll save it for a sibling.  At least one item from this age should be passed on stain-free and practically new, right?  In the meantime, he wore them not only for the rest of Sunday night, but last night as well.  Today he’ll have two other sets clean.  Hopefully, he won’t leak on both of them in one night.

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