Um, Where’s My Wallet?

blue walletLast night, just before supper, I happened to glance at the floor and see three papers that belonged in my wallet, lying loose.  That does not bode too well.  Any parent of a toddler knows what papers from a wallet, with the wallet not in sight,  means.

“Shlomo, do you know where Mommy’s wallet is?”  He ignores me, but when we ask a second time, he bends over and puts his head on the floor, imitating how we bend over to look for things.  We look around the room, and then Yitzchak goes into the kitchen, where he finds my wallet .  (Luckily, the wallet was only missing the three telltale papers.)

Shlomo, obviously, follows us to the kitchen, where he repeats the head-on-floor “search” routine.  Then he sees the mess he made taking items out of the fridge door, and he starts cleaning up.

“Shlomo, go give this to Mommy,” Yitzchak says, and repeats.  Yitzchak gives him the wallet, and tells him to give it to me.  Instead, Shlomo takes the wallet and starts walking away.  We decide to follow him, just to see what’s going through his mind.  He goes over to the couch, upon which he very proudly tosses the wallet all the way towards the back and proceeds to clap for himself.  He then returns to the kitchen to finish his cleaning and close the fridge door.

“Ah, I played with Mommy’s wallet and forgot to put it away.  Oops.  Let me put my toy(?) away where I found it.  Oh, and I forgot to clean the mess in the kitchen.  I better do that before they realize what I’ve done.”

Note: The wallet belonged in the diaper bag, but may have actually been on the couch when Shlomo found it.

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