“Israel, GROW UP!”

Security map of Israel from the Home Front Command (pikud ha’oref).

Everyone thinks Israelis exaggerate their security problems.  And maybe that’s true – maybe we really are just imagining things.  Today I found an article that explains things better than I ever could:

“It is hard to explain Israel’s security predicament to someone living in a country 500 times the size of Israel. But imagine the entire United States compressed to the size of New Jersey. Next, put on New Jersey’s northern border an Iranian terror proxy called Hezbollah which fires 6,000 rockets into that small state. Then imagine that this terror proxy has amassed 60,000 more missiles to fire at you. “Now imagine on New Jersey’s southern border another Iran terror proxy called Hamas. It too fires 6,000 rockets into your territory while smuggling even more lethal weapons into its territory. “Do you think you would feel a little bit vulnerable? Do you think you would expect some understanding from the international community when Israel tries to defend herself? “A peace agreement with the Palestinians must include effective security arrangements on the ground.”

Read the whole article here.

*In the picture, the words in the tall buildings say “Tel Aviv“.

One thought on ““Israel, GROW UP!”

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