Pacifier Today, Gone Tomorrow?

a baby’s pacifier

Today was Shabbat (the Jewish Sabbath).  After lunch, we took a walk to visit my cousin, who had a baby about a month ago.  She also has an almost-two-year-old, three months older than Shlomo.  Shlomo fell asleep during the forty-minute walk, but woke up when we got there.  Anyways, after he was fully awake and playing nicely, I swiped the pacifier.  He asked for it back, but I didn’t want to give it to him, and after about 45 seconds, he gave it up and went off to play.  I put it on the table, and from there into the diaper bag, where he wouldn’t find it.  He was pacifier-free for the rest of the afternoon.

When we got home after Shabbat had ended, he played a bit, ate supper, took a bath, read a book, had his milk, and went to bed.  That’s when Yitzchak started unpacking the diaper bag, and suddenly realized that we’d forgotten to give the pacifier back when Shlomo went to sleep.  I told him, “Eh, leave it – let’s see how he does without it.”  After all, he hadn’t complained yet . . .  And guess what?  Shlomo is still sleeping soundly, sans pacifier!  If this is all it takes, we are two lucky parents!  Yitzchak doesn’t want to just take it from him cold-turkey, and I guess he’s right – but we’ll see, right?  If this is possible, it’s a real shame to pass it up.  Plus, obviously he doesn’t need the pacifier badly . . .

One thought on “Pacifier Today, Gone Tomorrow?

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