Welcome to Little Duckies

On my toolbar when I published a post was this quote:

The art of writing is the art of discovering what you believe.  – Gustave Flaubert

Once upon a time, I was a teenager.  At that time, I started a blog.  But that blog was a childish vent of things not interesting to anyone else, of little bits of interesting facts that I found on the web, and of inspiration that I wanted to share.  Eventually, the need to post came more infrequently, and at some point, tapered off altogether.

Today, I hope that I am more mature, smarter, and that I write better.  I did not delete my teenage blog, but I did make it author-only.  My hopes for this blog are that it will well-written and of interest to many, while allowing me to share my thoughts on parenting, marriage, and the everyday busy-ness of life in general.  My life is not so different than yours, probably, but it might look different on the outside, because I am in Israel.  In reality, Jewish Israelis are normal people too, people just like you – and I hope to help bridge that gap in society’s mindset – with humor, knowledge, and sometimes a post that will get under someone’s skin.

And so, I welcome you to my blog and look forward to sharing this journey with you, the reader.  Have fun reading, and feel free to argue with me!


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